The Netherlands reach Green Open Access Deal with Wolters Kluwer

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has announced a Green Open Access Deal with Wolters Kluwer:  “The parties have agreed that academic articles from these 27 journals will be eligible for publishing in the public domain 6 to 12 months after the date of their publication on Navigator and Wolters Kluwer’s other platforms.” The agreement covers 27 law journals. More details are not disclosed, e.g. whether it is necessary that the corresponding author comes from the Netherlands for this clause to apply or whether it is sufficient that any one of many contributing authors comes from the Netherlands. This agreement is surprising inasmuch as Open Access deals (especially in the Netherlands) were primarily focused on linking subscriptions with direct Gold Open Access. One possible explanation for the change of strategy is given by the VSNU itself. The statement quotes Anton Pijpers, negotiator on behalf of the VSNU and President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University, as follows: “While we believe in the sustainability of gold open access, this is not always achievable yet. In such cases, green open access is the first step in the right direction”.
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