Clarivate Analytics acquires Kopernio

Clarivate Analytics, owner of the database Web of Science and services as publons, acquired Kopernio. Kopernio facilitates the search for Open Access documents. For pay-walled articles to which you have no access, Kopernio is looking for an alternative Open Access version. Unlike unpaywall, a similiar tool, using Kopernio requires registration. Research Information comments the acquisition as follows: “This deal will address a well-documented issue in the discovery and access of scientific and academic research, which stems from the circuitous, time-consuming and manual routes that researchers take to access the journal articles they need, even when their institutions and organisations have legitimate subscription access. This has resulted in the growth of social sharing networks and a hotly discussed dark web of crowdsourced journal articles.” Indeed, integrating Kopernio into the Web of Science adds considerable value to this database – direct online access to unsubscribed publications. The Web of Science could now also become a tool for funding agencies to check the Open Access compliance of funded projects. In any case, Clarivate Analytics is expanding its portfolio of innovative services and cooperations. Something the former owner of the Web of Science, Thomson Scientific, failed to do. By the way: Kopernio was founded by Jan Reichelt and Ben Kaube, Reichelt was a co-founder of Mendeley (an online reference management) and Kaube was co-founder of Newsflo (a tracking service for media mentions) – both acquired by Clarivate’s big rival Elsevier in 2013 (Mendeley) respectively 2015 (Newsflo).

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