Commercial Open Access Publishers in the DOAJ

Open Access photo
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nnOn August 1, 2017, 9,621 journals were listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).Only 32 publishers published more than 20 of these journals and thus have a quantitatively significant influence on Open Access. PLOS can not be found among them, but still has influence – more qualitative than quantitative.nnThese 32 publishers publish 2,950 journals, which are 31% of all journals listed in the DOAJ.nnAt this date, the DOAJ reported 7,474 publishers, thus 0.43% of all DOAJ-listed publishers produced 31% of the journals.nnOf these 2,950 journals, 1,641 (56%) are in the hand of publishers who already dominate the market in the subscription model: e.g.Elsevier, Springer Nature (including BioMed Central, Frontiers), Wiley, SAGE, De Gruyter, Taylor & Francis, OUP, Wolters Kluwer).nnFor more information please see the data deposited on Zenodo:nHerb, U. (2017, August 2). Publishers of journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

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