Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open Access

Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open Access
Copyright: Julian Wichert

In April 2018 the anthology Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open Access was published. Here you find the table of contents of the book, including links to articles available in Open Access. The publisher, Rory Litwin of Litwin Books, allowed the authors to retain the rights of their contributions. Each of the articles in the book, but not the book as a whole, can be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License, I would also like to thank Julian Wichert, who designed the graphic for this post.

Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open Access
Editors: Ulrich Herb and Joachim Schöpfel
Publisher: Litwin Books
ISBN: 978-1-63400-029-1

Richard Poynder
Open Access version available

Ulrich Herb & Joachim Schöpfel
Introduction: Open Divide Emerges as Open Access Unfolds.
Open Access version available

Part One: Global Issues.

Jutta Haider
Openness as Tool for Acceleration and Measurement: Reflections on Problem Representations Underpinning Open Access and Open Science.
Open Access version available

Elena Šimukovič
Open Access, a New Kind of Emerging Knowledge Regime?
Open Access version available

Samuel Moore
Open/Access: Negotiations Between Openness and Access to Research.
Open Access version available

Joachim Schöpfel
The Paradox of Success.

Ulrich Herb
Open Access and Symbolic Gift Giving.
Open Access version available

Soenke Zehle
Cooperative Futures: Technologies of the Common in the Collaborative Economy.
Open Access version available

Part Two: North/South.

Hélène Prost & Joachim Schöpfel
The Contribution of the Global South to Open Access.

Florence Piron
Postcolonial Open Access.
Open Access version available

Iryna Kuchma
Open Access Initiatives and Networking in the Global South.
Open Access version available

Elizabeth Mlambo
Open Science, Open Access: Opportunities for the Global South, or Just Another Trojan Horse from the North?

Beatriz de los Arcos and Martin Weller
A Tale of Two Globes: Exploring the North/South Divide in Engagement with Open Educational Resources
Open  Access version available

Reggie Raju
Ubuntu: a Social Justice Pillar for Open Access in Sub Saharan Africa.

Leslie Chan (interview by Joachim Schöpfel)
Asymmetry and inequality as a challenge for open access – an interview.
Open Access version available